These are just a few examples of external marketing tactics, the list goes on for how to get clients. But no matter where you are spending your efforts marketing and prospecting it comes down to this to have a predictable business model.
Screen shot 2011-12-23 at 6.42.51 PM
Here are some great partner band exercises that are guaranteed to get your clients working hard and having a great time as well.  These exercises are great to include into your Boot Camps or Group Training classes for a whole new dynamic workout!  Pick 5 or 6 of the exercises in the video and throw them into a killer interval session!  Let us know how much your clients love them!  Happy Holidays!!!
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6 Exercise Dumbbell Circuit that will rock both your clients' upper and lower body. Variations of these exercises will insure that all fitness levels can perform this circuit in your boot camps! These Deadly DB exercises will help your clients burn fat and build muscle in no time!
Fitness Marketing Bullseye
Coach Monty is on FIRE with this training video! This video explains in detail the top six evergreen boot camp and fitness marketing strategies and tactics that are working for a real six-figure business today!
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hese Medicine Ball exercises are going to be a guaranteed hit with your Boot Campers and Personal Training clients.  They are total body, explosive exercises that will add a whole new level of results and fun for your clientele!
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These Dynamic Duo exercises are going to get your boot campers burning fat, building strength and muscle, while having fun.  These exercises will get your boot campers working together for an advanced and effective training session.  Make sure that you partner off the campers based on similar exercise levels so everyone is training with intensity and the right exercise variation.
The Top 3 Fitness Marketing Rules
Marketing in your fitness and bootcamp business doesn't have to be complex and overwhelming. In fact, there are 3 top rules for fitness marketing that must ALWAYS be followed. This is the case whether marketing for bootcamp, semi-private or one on one clients.
Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 11.35.48 AM
Here are 10 Fat Blasting Cardio exercises that are going to take your boot camps to a whole new dimension. These exercises will get your clients burning fat and feeling awesome. You can plug and play these exercises into boot camp circuits or with your personal training clients as finishers or in a circuit format as well.
Like it or not marketing and self-promotion is a major key to continued growth in your fitness business, in fact, it is the lifeblood of your business. Unfortunately, build it and they will come does not apply! If you are going to succeed as a personal trainer or bootcamp owner you will eventually have to get good at developing various marketing ideas for you products and services. It does require effort, not just sitting behind and computer or running a daily deal every other month.
Understanding what "is" and what "is not" success for you, is the most important part of the achievement ballgame! Let me take you on an uncommon journey. Let's dive into deepest layer first and get to the "Why" of your goals and not worry so much about the "how" until we truly understand what makes us want certain things and a certain lifestyle.
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