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We are in a new season of fitness. The days of 1 on 1 personal training are being rapidly replaced by functional group exercise.

If you want to make a GOOD living in the fitness industry you absolutely must learn the art of conditioning groups as if they were personal sessions.

It is so important that your client has a personal experience while working under your supervision and care.

Groups can be very intimidating to the average fitness enthusiast. Your boot camp workout must have a personal feel to it!

Generally speaking most people seek personal fitness training and fitness boot camps as a means of boosting their self image or finding themselves again.

As a boot camp fitness trainer it is the difference between success and failure when you meet these individuals in a challenging group environment, yet make them feel like they are alone with you.

This takes a magic boot camp touch!

It takes a deeper understanding why they are here and what they are seeking. it is much deeper then fitness….trust me.

When you use good systems that are strongly grounded in psychology and human anatomy the results can be astounding.

But most importantly, you need to know how to throw a good Boot Camp Workout Party

Bootcamp Workout

  • Use humor often.
  • Use first names.
  • Use encouragement.
  • Act silly and be fun to look at.
  • Make them forget you are torturing them.
  • Be creative!

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