I have received many requests asking for more boot camp exercises and for more ways to explode your fitness boot camps. Many of you found my boot camp videos on You Tube which led you to this site.

I’ve got to be honest with you and tell you that you need SO MUCH MORE than cool boot camp exercises to blow up your Personal Training business.

However, since you asked, I will gladly provide another round of boot camp exercise idea-generating video for your viewing pleasure…

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The Top Ten Boot Camp Exercises That Make Up The Ultimate Boot Camp Workout

  • Warning these are not your average everyday boot camp drills like the video above.
  • These are complex Boot Camp Workout Ideas that you can incorporate tomorrow in your fitness boot camps or your personal training sessions.
  • These techniques are probably not like any you have ever seen.
  • Below are links to more than 30 minutes of pure unadulterated boot camp exercises, circuits and workouts.

These 10 links will guarantee that you have an amazing boot camp class and or personal training session tomorrow.

  1. Atomic Crawler
  2. Cargo Killer
  3. Merry Go What??
  4. Sea Turtles
  5. Trifecta Pulls
  6. Triceps Trifecta
  7. Slider Techniques
  8. Bleacher Pistols
  9. Inversion Techniques
  10. Back Pack Blaster

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So now that we have our Boot Camp Workout Planned for tomorrow, Lets look at the top 5 ways to grow our Boot Camp Business.

BootCamp Marketing

The first thing you need to do is start a boot camp facebook page.

The second Thing you need to do is create a boot camp twitter account.

The third thing you need to do is submit a boot camp press release in your local area.

The forth thing you need to do is sponsor a local charity and hold a free Boot camp.

The fifth thing you need to do is Create a Boot Camp Website where you can send prospects to for information about your fitness boot camps.

Check out this post Showing you in detail how to market your boot camp fitness business to quickly and effectively recruit a whole lot of people really quickly.

Fitness Money

This is an interview with a fella who made 8K per month with an M.M.A website. Listen to his insite about creating boot camp and fitness websites that rank high on google. Plus he reveals his sources for valuable information concerning the  entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Click here if you want to see the truth about what it really takes to be successful in professional fitness.

Still need more boot camp exercises?

I’m giving away 10 Surefire Boot Camp Exercises in this next video!

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67 Responses to “35 Boot Camp Exercises That Will Explode Your Group Fitness Business”

  1. Sarah Shamek says:

    Hey Brian- Of course this is another great little video you have put together. All your ideas are great whether, I have used them before or not. It’s always nice to have a fresh prespective. My clients would also like to theank you for some of your original ideas you have given me!!

  2. Jeri Jo says:

    Brian, I am a group fitness instructor trying to take my freestyle classes to another level. A fellow instructor suggested YouTube and Boot Camp Exercises. I found you. Thanks for your 35 Boot Camp Exercises. I will definitely use them in taking my clients to their next fitness level. How exactly do you do a boot camp? For example-Do you perform each exercise for a minute and then repeat or what? I must say I am overwhelmed with your website. You have more information than I ever expected. I look forward to learning more from you.

  3. Monica Maganga says:

    Wow, let me tell you dude I train like a crazy woman but am sure that workout will definately kick my ass. It was really nice of you showing us what you do best. I appreciate it and am going to use some of those exercises in my routines. Thanks alot. Great stuff.

  4. Heather says:

    Great videos, Brian. Sometimes I just get caught in my own head and forget about all the basic moves that will kick butt. I teach a class with about 50+ students in it ranging from superfit to barely moving. It’s very difficult to match all needs – they all sort of expect ME to workout at the highest intensity while shouting out instruction and making sure everyone is doing the exercise correctly. WHATEVER!

    It’s great timing for me to remember, cut back to the basics, and tweak for the advanced who want to be “agro”!!

    I also appreciate your reminder that we change up the exercises to remember how to move in different planes, speeds, etc – CONTINUOUS ADAPTIVE MOVEMENT. I was just trying to explain that to a client (not as eloquently as you) who was complaining that I changed up the speeds for no reason and she felt like she was just flopping weights around! We went back to the basic form and THEN added speed WITHOUT LOSING FORM and she “got it”.


  5. Great video, got some good ideas for my classes. Thanks

  6. MikeMolloy says:

    Excellent information – thank you! and will visit soon.

  7. billy says:

    These are some great pointers about fitness boot camp exercises. I do exercises frequently; eat as well as I can with regard to my life style.
    Thanks for discussing this beneficial advise on fitness boot camp exercises

  8. […] tough at times. Try this simple circuit that cam be used with any picnic table. When designing your bootcamp workouts, remember to be creative. […]

  9. Wow man, great exercises on there!

  10. Beata Roy says:

    Brian, Can I get a hall pass for the underground? I missed the sign up!

  11. Bridal Boot Camp says:

    Brian this site is my new slice of heaven! Thousands of dollars worth of content on here! Thank you soooooooo much!

  12. Tamisha Gianunzio says:

    Good job, really enjoyed it you can be sure that I’ll be back!