What Is Keeping You From Fitness Training Success?

What separates a 6 figure trainer from one that is only bringing in 27K per year?

The answer may surprise you.

I have interviewed dozens of successful fitness professionals only to find one underlying common denominator that they all share.

It is simply this. A six figure personal trainer wants to be a six figure fitness professional and realizes that in order to do so he or she must invest a large percentage of their profits back into their business.

Let me explain…

  • What do people spend money on?
  • Physical Goods
  • Services
  • An End Result
  • Information

That is about it!

We spend all our money on those five products right?

Are there any other ways we spend money?

I can’t think of any.

Which of the above 5 products has the potential to appreciate in value or earn interest?

I would say the only physical good that truly and consistently appreciates in value is real estate.

Services generally don’t appreciate and they tend to be maintenance oriented in effect.

There are outliers to this rule such as personal fitness training and massage therapy. These services do appreciate in perceived value if they solve a problem such as obesity or lower back pain.

A product that guarantees an “end result” will definitely appreciate in the eyes of the consumer who purchased the product.

Only when it delivers the guaranteed result….

Let’s look at Enzyte the natural male enhancement product offered with a guaranteed result.

Do you think this product has any value in the eyes of its user’s?

Do you think this product is solving a problem?

Do you think this product has made someone very wealthy?


3 MILLION Users worldwide…..

My guess is that this product, which guarantees natural male enhancement, is most likely cleaning house by generating sustained massive income for its inventor.

Note: Synergy Fitness Inc does not endorse or have any affiliation with this product or its validity

Now finally let’s look at information.

The value of information both perceived and real is astronomical when compared to the value of goods and services. The beautiful thing about information is that if properly applied it generally provides immediate and reproducible results.


Information can be classified as a collection of true or false “if/then statements” If this, then that….

Let’s look at these findings and how they apply to the business of professional fitness and personal trianing success.

The two absolutes you must provide your clients with are information and a guaranteed result.

Customer satisfaction in these two areas will cause your clients refer new business and continue to purchase more of your value generating product.

Stop wasting your time selling clients supplements and t shirts. You will never become a six figure trainer by moonlighting with protein powders.

Make your lives easier and set up an affiliate program with a local supplements business if that is a necessary income stream for you.

Sell your clients results.

Guarantee those results!

Don’t be afraid to lose your butt. If you want to get paid well you must be good.

Learn from any refunds you give.

A refund is a powerful tool if the person behind it can help you be better.

Be bold in your offer.

This will result in more sales and more client satisfaction.

In summery I would like to add one more thing.

Buy information!

Information when applied ALWAYS appreciates in value even if it is bad.

If you don’t buy it from me, buy it from someone else but seriously if you want to be powerful. You need to obtain and study powerful information.

I sell powerful information. I know this because it changes lives.

It produces results EVERY time it is applied.

Brian, what should I spend money on that will appreciate in value?

Good Question!

Invest in my coaching program because I guarantee results and I provide Powerful life changing information.

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God Bless,



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17 Responses to “What Does Enzyte Have To Do With Fitness Marketing Success?”

  1. JC says:

    I love your content as well as your training tips. My question is how do you transition from working for a club to training on your own? you can email me back at fitnessontheedge@gmail.com



  2. Joanna Tinsley says:


    I have taken a lot of great informative advice from you and have decided to put it to work. I started a newsletters via email and in it, I decided to include a fitness challenge. This fitness challenge has two criteria’s that have to be met. First, they need to be 30lbs. plus over weight and have a doctors letter stating they are at health risks due to access weight. I am doing this challenge free of charge for 6 weeks. I have had over 30 people contact me to sign up for the meeting date of Feb. 24, 09. Honestly, I have always thought about things like this, but with you marketing help I have been able to get it out there to the people. I figure if only half of them decide to stick with the program and join one of my fitness classes I have made money. So, I would like to thank you for all you do, and if anyone is thinking about purchasing your dvds, I would have to say “stop thinking about it, and just do it!” It is worth every single dime… By the way, have you ever thought about making a dvd for the over weight or morbidly obese people. I know most of your dvd have more advance movements which I use a lot of in my classes.

    Thank you,

  3. Brian Devlin says:

    Thanks a lot!
    I love that you are doing so well with idea generation. I also love that I have been influential in your success! As far as overweight people goes I think that is a great idea and I will do a dvd on that topic just for you. Many trainers have overweight and deconditioned clients and the protocol for success will be much different so i will do that for you absolutely!
    Hows Texas?

  4. Brian Devlin says:


    This is my buddy Kaiser’s program that I plugged in an email last week. Apparently when I sent the email it only sent the first few sentences. WHat else is new right? I have lots of computer headaches hahah.

    Anyways to answer your question I have reviewed and recommend his product. It is definitely informative and has clear definite action steps. This product consists of 14 detailed text reports that walk you through the process of leaving the gym behind and starting your career as a solo trainer.

    Check it out here is the link.


    Although I do receive a commission if you purchase this product, I dont ever promote anything I have not reviewed.

    If you are looking for a no fluff answer to your question that will definitely take some work and investment on your part then take the next step.

    If your not in the DVD club get your butt in there too JC

    Time to be a success JC…no more excuses



  5. Molly Denomy says:

    Every time I check your site, I am even more motivated to really get to the next level (starting my own business) and even more grateful that I found your site!! Just purchased Kaisers system and am anxious/nervous and excited to seriously take this step! Thanks again for all you offer..would love to meet you in person..are you doing a seminar soon??

  6. Jill Kurschner says:

    Good Morning! I have a comment for the trainer who wrote above….Joanna Tinsley. If you don’t mind I ask, where are you located out of? I previously emailed Brian about a trainer in the Fort Worth, Texas area and your name came up. Joanna, might you be able to email me back at jillkurschner@hotmail.com? Thank you!


  7. Harold says:

    Hey Brian,

    I’ve been part of your coaching club for 8+ weeks now. I’ve also purchased both “spider training” dvds separate. Every piece of info is very informative. Every exercise you demonstrate supplies an explanation to what, where, and how it works. NICE! M
    My wife and I own a studio in Louisiana and would love to come to the weekend seminar/class you spoke about in one of your emails you sent out. Can you send me more info on that ie(when, where, cost.) Thanks again for all the knowledge you’ve given me in such a short time.

  8. Don’t want to be a smart arse but isn’t it only 4 things listed we spend our money on?
    Brian do you find it important to measure your clients (PT) success when undertaking training with you. My clients seem to love it when I can compare their performance over time, and heap praise on me when they do.
    From that I gather testimonials and you have free marketing tools.
    I learned this from you big fella.
    G’Day for Oz!

  9. Jermaine Paula says:

    Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the new toys, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you. When are you opening up the UFF for new applicants?

  10. san diego fitness trainer says:

    These are some great points!

  11. Beth says:

    Brian thank you for the 99 core exercises when I signed up! My Boot Camp Loved Them!!!

  12. Rift Gunter says:

    Thank you for this valuable information, so nice seeing the community post this kind.

  13. handbag blog says:

    Any live events planned Brian?

  14. Elvie Palmios says:

    I want in to your coaching program!

  15. puma uk says:

    I am a believer!

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