Eliminate The Headaches of Launching and Growing a Successful Fitness Business


What Does Enzyte Have To Do With Fitness Marketing Success?

What Is Keeping You From Fitness Training Success?

What separates a 6 figure trainer from one that is only bringing in 27K per year?

The answer may surprise you.

I have interviewed dozens of successful fitness professionals only to find one underlying common denominator that they all share.

It is simply this. A six figure personal trainer wants to be a six figure fitness professional and realizes that in order to do so he or she must invest a large percentage of their profits back into their business.

Let me explain…

  • What do people spend money on?
  • Physical Goods
  • Services
  • An End Result
  • Information

That is about it!

We spend all our money on those five products right?

Are there any other ways we spend money?

I can’t think of any.

Which of the above 5 products has the potential to appreciate in value or earn interest?

I would say the only physical good that truly and consistently appreciates in value is real estate.

Services generally don’t appreciate and they tend to be maintenance oriented in effect.

There are outliers to this rule such as personal fitness training and massage therapy. These services do appreciate in perceived value if they solve a problem such as obesity or lower back pain.

A product that guarantees an “end result” will definitely appreciate in the eyes of the consumer who purchased the product.

Only when it delivers the guaranteed result….

Let’s look at Enzyte the natural male enhancement product offered with a guaranteed result.

Do you think this product has any value in the eyes of its user’s?

Do you think this product is solving a problem?

Do you think this product has made someone very wealthy?

3 MILLION Users worldwide…..

My guess is that this product, which guarantees natural male enhancement, is most likely cleaning house by generating sustained massive income for its inventor.

Note: Synergy Fitness Inc does not endorse or have any affiliation with this product or its validity

Now finally let’s look at information.

The value of information both perceived and real is astronomical when compared to the value of goods and services. The beautiful thing about information is that if properly applied it generally provides immediate and reproducible results.

Information can be classified as a collection of true or false “if/then statements” If this, then that….

Let’s look at these findings and how they apply to the business of professional fitness and personal trianing success.

The two absolutes you must provide your clients with are information and a guaranteed result.

Customer satisfaction in these two areas will cause your clients refer new business and continue to purchase more of your value generating product.

Stop wasting your time selling clients supplements and t shirts. You will never become a six figure trainer by moonlighting with protein powders.

Make your lives easier and set up an affiliate program with a local supplements business if that is a necessary income stream for you.

Sell your clients results.

Guarantee those results!

Don’t be afraid to lose your butt. If you want to get paid well you must be good.

Learn from any refunds you give.

A refund is a powerful tool if the person behind it can help you be better.

Be bold in your offer.

This will result in more sales and more client satisfaction.

In summery I would like to add one more thing.

Buy information!

Information when applied ALWAYS appreciates in value even if it is bad.

If you don’t buy it from me, buy it from someone else but seriously if you want to be powerful. You need to obtain and study powerful information.

I sell powerful information. I know this because it changes lives.

It produces results EVERY time it is applied.

Brian, what should I spend money on that will appreciate in value?

Good Question!

Invest in my coaching program because I guarantee results and I provide Powerful life changing information.

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Eliminate The Headaches of Launching and Growing a Successful Fitness Business