This video is one of the best I’ve seen on social media.

It really breaks down the truth behind all the parties that you as a fitness marketer are invited to and how the parties are key in fitness marketing. Social Media is a valuable marketing tool to meet key people in your specific niche or any complimentary niche.

What do I mean by social media?

Watch this no B.S synopsis of social media etiquette. Perry Belcher is a very cool and intelligent internet marketing guru who at times uses some choice words to describe social networking but his content is outstanding and so relevant to fitness marketing.

Rated PG-13

Now that you understand social media for fitness marketing puposes, let’s look at your action steps needed to really promote yourself and your personal training business.


1) Start a Fitness Facebook Page

Set yourself up a local personal training page. Start searching local people who have similar interests and ask them to be friends. Offer them free fitness advice or post fitness videos and workout tips daily on your page. Your list of friends will grow rapidly and you can set yourself apart very quickly as an expert in your local community. Remember…What’s in it for them? Not you. Yours will come in time. Help first, reap later. I will now quote the bible. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25


2) Create a Fitness Gravatar

When you leave a comment on my blog, you leave a little footprint with your name on it. This fitness marketing technique can drive a boatload of people toward your site because they want to see what you are all about. I have driven TONS of traffic back to my site by commenting on other personal training and fitness blogs. The only reason it works is because I use the NO B.S gravatar image that I have chosen to represent all that I stand for. People want to know who the heck this No B.S guy is.

I have actually converted sales from my gravatar image many times. Look at all the successful fitness pros out there. They ALL have gravatars and they all leave comments. How many of you have one?

Your homework…get a gravatar and leave a comment on this post. I want to see 50 gravatars on this post alone. I bet I wont because most people are lazy. Prove me wrong! I dare you…

Remember to choose or create an image or photo that SCREAMS your core identity. This is important.


3) Create A Fitness Twitter Page

This is like getting 100 free leads per day. If you looked at my twitter page I have over 2000 leads and I dont ever do anything but text from my phone between training sessions. It takes 30 seconds for potentially 100’s to 1000’s of people to visit your site. Twiiter is the new Facebook and plays a big role in fitness marketing.

If you do just 6 twitter posts a day you can increase traffic to your website by over 100 hits. Imagine if you started twittering with potential customers answering their fitness questions and inviting them to meet you for a free consult.

You have no idea how powerful this tool is in marketing your personal training business. Create a Twitter page today and start twittering your way to personal training success.

Dont be a lazy bones. The recession is in your head. Money is everywhere but you actually have to work for it…

Free Pressrelease

4) Submit a Fitness Press Release

It is so easy to get insane public recognition when you are recognized as an expert by the local media. It is so simple to get picked up by your local news paper.

Find out who to contact for health press releases. Submit at least one per week for a few weeks via email with a friendly follow up email asking if there is anything they need help with as far as expert advice or information is concerned. Its cheap exposure and a trusted, reliable way to market your personal training business.

Tell them you are more than happy to contribute and are available anytime for interviews as well. Just plant the seed. Don’t be a pest, but be consistent. Dont take rejection as a final answer.

Try another paper. Try another TV station. Make a list of 10 media contacts in your city and start making regular email communication and phone calls to these organizations.

Sooner than later you WILL be a local celebrity.

The key to success is to be known, to be regarded and to be available.

If you offer these 3 components to your local social environment you will be flooded with personal training business while others are packing up shop and changing careers.

Fitness marketing is critical for personal training success!

I hope to see your new gravatar on this post in the next few days. If I dont you are just one more person who will probably be sitting at the bottom of the pile.

Success takes effort.

Do yourself a favor, make one…

and you might make this…

..Fitness Money


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48 Responses to “How To Dominate Boot Camp Marketing Using Social Media As A Fitness Professional”

  1. molly says:

    okay–I know im about to let you down…but WHAT is a GRAVATAR and how do I go about creating one??? And you were just starting to be ever so slightly impressed with my technological advances!!! Hehehehehehehe

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hey Molly, the icon next to your blog comment is a gravatar. You can get one at Then whenever you comment on a blog, and use the email address linked to your gravatar, your gravatar icon will be recognized.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Great stuff about being becoming an expert — It’s not as hard as people think to get in the local media –

    And thanks for the Twitter tip -

  4. Jo Butler says:

    Now I will get to work on Facebook and start using my Twitter account more effectively.
    Thanks for the great tips

  5. Jeremie says:

    This guy Perry Belcher really puts social media into perspective – I like it! Thanks for the helpful tips

  6. Jo Butler says:

    Facebook page updated and happening.

    Thanks again


  7. molly says:

    Ahhhh–LOL (at myself!!) Im such a dork! HA! So thats what that little blue circle with the letters “GRAVATAR” mean!!! Master of the obvious–yup-thats me!! Thanks, Steph!!

  8. travis says:


    great stuff! You deliver everytime bro! Thanks for giving!

  9. Great video! I am off to take action on it.


  10. shanaz says:

    Awesome ideas that we all probably do everyday, but can focus a little harder on! Thanks for the daily motivation and hope this gravatar works!

  11. jeff says:

    thanks for the tips ! this is great info for people like me that are just starting out !

    thanks jeff !

  12. jeff says:

    I geuss it helps to confirm that the gavatar is on and working !

  13. Brian Devlin says:

    Your Gravatar did not work if there is no picture bye your name…lol
    Keep Trying guys


  14. And hey Molly, was great talking to you yesterday – you’re a real WINNER –

    And I know that feeling, where you think you’re almost being guided by an invisible hand – I feel that at times, and just have to remember to keep up my end –

    Hey Brian – do you believe I’m just getting down with social media? That Ryan Lee thing this weekend was a big eye opener –

    I invite everyone to follow me on twitter:

    And just look me up on FACEBOOK –

    I’m now a junkie – gettin flabby and pasty as we speak!

  15. Eric Staubs says:

    Thanks for the info my friend! An awesome approach to fitness in the sea of followers. Nice!

    Make it a Healthy Day!

    • Brian Devlin says:

      Yes Amen to the “followers”
      My whole club is set up to educate trainers to NOT follow

      Hope you have a great day and thanks for commenting!

      God Bless,

  16. NickOutlaw says:

    Thanks for all the solid info! I found you on YouTube and just subscribed to your channel. How did you create your logo? Outsourced professionally? Looks like you are right about people being too lazy.

    Best Regards,
    Nick Outlaw

  17. NickOutlaw says:

    had to change gravatar image setting to g rated

  18. Tyson says:

    I have been using a gravatar for awhile now. I love how it sets me apart from others.

  19. Cool thanks for the tips Brian. Really enjoyed the social media clip.
    Think I need to work on my gravatar, and include bnatural somehow.
    That’s what I am about, being natural in everything you do, how you act, how you eat, how you interact, how you train.
    Love your work big fella – g’day from australia!

  20. Perry Panama says:

    I just needed to say that I found your site via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

  21. Carolyne says:

    Hi Brian!

    I’ve been following you since I found you at the start of the year. I opened my first studio last week so haven’t had much time to get through all the posts and dvds yet as I’ve been bogged down with building work and admin etc. Finally getting back to the part I enjoy – training clients and teaching classes. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! I love being outdoors, yes – even in Scotland, and use bodyweight more than anything else, so I love what you do!

    C x

  22. Carolyne says:

    Oh! Just thought of another tip to consider! My new studio is based in the business district of the city centre of Glasgow. I contacted all business in the area – mainly global banks and offered to write a column for their intranet page or newsletter each month for free. Top 3 Nutritional tips, Top 3 Fitness tips etc maybe a quick recipe – on condition they included my timetable and company name with my email and website address. This gets massive referals and they are are right on my doorstep…

  23. It worked — YAY!!!!!

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  27. Queen Amber says:

    good idea about the gravatar! never knew how to get one! THX!

  28. Looks like you got your 50! Love your stuff Brian! Thanks!

  29. caitlin says:

    gravatar DONE :)

  30. Darren says:

    You’re right Brian… you need a gravatar and you need to start profiting from twitter, facebook, and the like.

  31. Slime Ball says:

    Great article! At last someone that knows what it is information on and may give exellent articles to us viewers.Really awaiting the next work out write-up.Annette

  32. Great ways to promote your Bootcamps, i also like giving Free Bootcamp passes in Salons, tanning studios if they put up a poster or take fliers from you.
    Another great way to reward promotion and get new clients in your Bootcamps.

  33. kris says:

    I like your site Brian – especially the videos – good job!

  34. Katy Boot Camps says:

    I like reading about the mixture of social media and fitness groups. It’s nice to see others opinions but I sometimes wonder if I spend too much time staring at computer screens:)

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  36. Dalkey Bootcamp says:

    Thanks for all the really great advice. Will make a start on putting it all into practice.

  37. Surya Aqil says:

    This blog is ten times better than Chris or Bedros!

  38. ciro ross says:

    just made my gravatar, thanks for the tips!!

  39. Best Chickensuop says:

    I really like your website design, did you create this by your self or pay a website designer to do it?

  40. Barry Ritell says:

    You aren’t the typical trainer and I love your stuff! Genius!

  41. Jizz Dancer says:

    amazing trainer

  42. Lindsey Wood says:

    Hi Brian,
    This a fantastic post! Thanks for all the valuable insight. I now have my facebook page, twitter account and gravatar sorted and just need to get onto the press release… I love this site! Thanks so much.