Sarah Rippel and

Burn this to a CD or listen to it on your ipod

This is a trainer just like you who is
bringing the joy of fitness into the lives of her clients.

Sometimes being a fly on the wall can spark a great idea.
Listening to your fitness industry peers is the first step towards developing awareness
about the industry you inhabit and walk in daily.

Awareness lends itself to a personal training success mindset!

Just press the play symbol on the “drag bar” above and listen to this interview.

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5 Responses to “A Candid Interview From The Personal Training Trenches Of Sarah Rippel”

  1. Yeah Sarah, way to go!

  2. […] To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE! (will open in new window) […]

  3. Jamie Atlas says:

    Goooo Sarah! Since I first saw you online I knew you were doing special stuff Sarah! Kudos to Brian for uncovering great talent with awesome things to say!


  4. Hi! this was a nice post youve made. I will make sure to forward this with my colleagues. Fitness is a very serious topic we should take into account, And you did a awesome job on spreading the word on this.