Can your clients reach James Bond Status????

Add spy training to your bootcamp workout so your clients have a little fun while they strengthen their bodies and their minds.

Suspension training using a cargo net and TRX system will let your bootcampers feel like spies while they max out with bodyweight training.

You know the benefits of closed kinetic chain exercise, so now add another element of stability with body suspension for a great bootcamp!


Body Suspension + Bodyweight Training = Killer Bootcamp Workout!!!

Your clients will feel like they are in spy training while you challenge their core and other dynamic stabilizers for a whole body workout.

The neuromuscular control required to perform this type of body control is a new challenge to your bootcampers’ strengthening program.

In This Video:

  • Cargo Net Reverse Bear Crawl- Place the upper body in a weightbearing position while the feet do the climbing to challenge core stabilization and whole body control
  • TRX Single Arm Straddle Swing- Again the upper body provides the base of stability which will require maximum scapular stability with alternating upper extremity raises and dynamic glenohumeral stabilization.  The straddle swings require pelvic control with dissociation but also peak core workout.
  • Cargo Net Upper Body Climb with Swing- With the climb, nothing is stable and your bootcampers will really feel the shake of true stabilization.  Add additional perturbation with a whole body swing or twist for increased load on the upper body and core.

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5 Responses to “Suspension Training to Maximize Stability and Core In Your Next Boot Camp”

  1. Patrick says:

    I love the cargo net! First time I have seen that used! Will have to find a way to incorporate that in our gym. Brian keep bringing it man! I love what you do!

  2. Good workout – but how many people have a cargo net?!!!

    • Brian Devlin says:

      They are actually not that expensive and make a huge focal selling point by creating interest in the mind of a personal training prospect.

      You can find them used on Craigs list and Ebay at times. I opted for the climbing rope in my facility due to high commercial real estate prices. If you have warehouse space these are great!

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