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Slider Training Trifecta will challenge even your veteran Boot Camper! You have seen slider training before but this sequence is sure to challenge all of your clients, no matter their fitness level.
strong>No longer are Treadmills made for running! When you think of treadmills, you won't think of this...Guaranteed. The creative training in this video will absolutely blow your bootcampers' minds. With dynamic movements like these, your clients will experience an exhilarating whole body workout with emphasis on core strengthening and scapular exercises. Bootcampers will use bodyweight strengthening and decreased stability to challenge their bodies in ways that they never have before.
Bootcampers + Backpack= Real Bootcamp Experience!!! By adding a backpack to your Bootcamp workout, your clients will feel a whole new resistance. They will be shocked by the serious burn just by using bodyweight training that they have been doing with you before now.
Bootcamper's Beware...The Bear crawl will make you want to find a cave! You know the benefits of bodyweight activity as training techniques but the addition of major instability will have your clients shaking. They will not expect the difficulty of this crawl especially when you put them on medicine balls resulting in an incredible core workout!
The Satisfied Personal Training Client? PRICELESS! We know Boot Camps need to keep clients on their toes, physically and mentally, to keep them in your game.
Warning Boot Campers… Furniture Sliders Will Create Burn! Give your boot campers something to complain about. They all crave the burn. Give them what they want without going broke. For a few dollars a piece, furniture sliders can make your bodyweight boot camp the buzz. Boot Campers want to feel the burn each time they report for duty, but they also want to do it differently every class.
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